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Community Involvement



Iranian American Bar Association Member Member of the Month

Mikhak Ghorban, Esq.

The San Diego Chapter of the Iranian American Bar Association is pleased to announce Mikhak Ghorban, Esq., as its Member Of The Month for March 2017.

Mikhak has a rich upbringing that saw her spend significant portions of her life in Iran, England, Washington D.C., and San Diego. A San Diego State graduate and law school graduate of Western State University, Mikhak pursued and accomplished a wide array of achievements in industries within the political sphere, public policy, and ultimately the law. Originally focusing on the complexities of securities and patent law, Mikhak transitioned her focus to Family and Immigration Law due to the close ties she developed with the local Iranian-American community, which are now her primary practices areas in her current role as Founding Member and Partner of Ashtari & Ghorban, LLP, located in Rancho Bernardo.

Consistent with her passion to better her community as a whole, Mikhak currently serves on the Board of Directors for Mother Attorney Mentoring Association of San Diego (MAMAS), which mentors attorney-mothers on work-life balance. She also volunteers as an art instructor to general and special-needs students at her local elementary school.

Mikhak sought the guidance of her fellow Iranian-American legal colleagues in establishing her footing in the industry, crediting her membership and involvement in the San Diego Chapter of IABA in promoting her consistent growth as an expert in her field. Mikhak comments, “I am in daily contact with colleagues whom I have met and with whom I have worked as a result of my membership with IABA. It’s a great comfort to be able to reach out to these individuals when I’m in need of a referral or guidance in handling a complex legal matter. Overall, I feel that these professional relationships have made me a better practitioner. My own firm was established by two Iranian- American female attorneys who are IABA members.”

However, Mikhak notes that while she has benefited from the exposure IABA has provided her, she lends the following advice on how to get the best out of your membership: “I think joining a bar association like IABA can be beneficial if you actively participate and take advantage of the services offered. If you just join, but choose not to engage with the other members, you are just wasting your time and money. Seek volunteer opportunities to help the organization reach its goals. Find a mentor who is able to guide you through your career, or perhaps you can mentor another who can benefit from your guidance. The kinship in law, as well as in culture and language, is beyond compare.”

As for advice Mikhak wishes to impart on the next generation of Iranian-American attorneys practicing in San Diego, Mikhak sensibly advises, “although we live in a big city, we have a small legal community, so take care of your reputation and exude professionalism. It will serve you well as an attorney and as an Iranian-American member of society.”

Please take a moment with us to congratulate Mikhak on her honor as IABA – San Diego’s Member Of The Month, and be sure to strike up a conversation with her at the next IABA – San Diego mixer, as her enthusiasm for the practice, kindness in assisting her clients, and wisdom in finding a happy equilibrium between a professional and personal life will surely rub off on you.

Member of the Month Nominations

Every month IABA San Diego will recognize one of its members for his/her commitment to IABA San Diego and/or the Iranian-American community. The selected member’s biographical information will be highlighted on IABA SD’s website and in its monthly newsletter. If you would like to nominate an IABA SD member to become member of the month, please contact us at