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1. Do I need an attorney to defend my criminal charges?
2. Should I talk to the police?
3. Must the police always advise of Miranda rights before asking questions?

4. What happens at my arraignment?
5. I am a non-citizen charged with a crime, will it affect my Immigration status?


1. What is California’s Implied Consent DUI Law?
2. How can they charge me with DUI if I was pulled over for just speeding?
3. After my DUI arrest, I got a temporary driver’s license that says I can drive for 30 days from the date of my arrest, then my license will be suspended. How can I save my license?
4. Can I refuse to take the field sobriety test after being pulled over for suspicion of DUI?
5. What are the consequences of refusing to take a chemical test?
6. Do I have to appear in Court for a DUI or Traffic Ticket?
7. I got a red light camera ticket but was not the driver, do I have to tell who the driver was?
8. I got a traffic ticket and my license has been suspended due to a 'failure to appear,' what does this mean?
9. Can I get an extension on my traffic ticket?
10. Am I eligible to attend traffic school?


1. What is the difference between legal separation and divorce?
2. How long will a divorce take?
3. How is child custody determined?
4. How much child support will I receive or have to pay?
5. How do I change my custody/visitation and support orders?
6. How does a court divide marital property?
7. Is there any way to avoid going to court?
8. What is a Marital Settlement Agreement?
9. Why is the date of separation important in my divorce?
10. I cannot afford to hire a lawyer to represent me, can your firm still help me?


1. Does your firm only accept Immigration cases in California?
2. What is the difference between an Immigrant visa and a Non Immigrant visa?

3. I am a Non-Citizen charged with a criminal conviction, will it affect my Immigration status?

4. How can I become a U.S. Citizen?
5. How can I become a Naturalized U.S. Citizen?
6. Can I change my name when I naturalize?

7. I am a permanent resident (green card holder) and would like to know if I can file a petition for my parents, do I have to wait until I become a US citizen before I can apply for them?

8. I am a U.S. citizen engaged to a foreign national, can I bring my fiancé to the U.S.?

9. Can I come to the U.S. to work?

10. Can I start my own business in the U.S. while here on a temporary visa?

11. I want to set up a company in the U.S. and do business here. How can I get the E or L visa?
12. What is an EB-5 Investor Green card?

13. How can I enter the U.S. to further my education?
14. I am in the U.S. on a student visa, can I work?

15. I received a Notice to Appear in Immigration Court. Will I be placed in Removal Proceedings?

16. Can I be deported for a crime I committed?

17. Can your firm defend against deportation?

18. How do I know if I am eligible for DACA?

19. I fear returning to my home country, can I apply for asylum?

20. What is the Visa Lottery?