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How do I Prepare For My Attorney Consultation?

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An initial consultation is meant as an opportunity for a client to connect with an advocate.  This is the time to learn about the attorney and the options available in pursuing representation.  The more prepared you are, the better the attorney will be able to assess your legal needs and determine the best course of action.  This could also result in saving you time and money depending on the type of consultation you are to receive.

There are still attorneys who provide free consultation, whether being a 30-minute or 1-hour consultation.* Make sure that you understand the type of consultation you will receive.  Also be aware of the potential charges if you should extend beyond the free consultation time.

Prior to Consultation

  1. Ask attorney what documents and information will be required to assist the consultation. Bring copies of all the necessary documents related to your legal issue.
  2. Prepare your questions-list your concerns and consider of your legal issues.
  3. Understand the type of consultation that will be available to you.

During the Consultation

  1. Review your list of questions and concerns and discuss them with the attorney. It’s important to understand your case and the related legal process. This is your opportunity to participate in your legal representation.
  2. Be prepared to takes notes (notebook, paper, pen-pencil)
  3. Do ask about the potential success and failure of your type of legal issue. Will the attorney be able to provide the type of representation your case requires? What is the background and experience of the attorney? What will be the different options and strategies best suited for your particular legal issue?
  4. Discuss the fees available in your type of legal matter. Do ask about payment options offered by attorney.
  5. Be truthful in your answers. The attorney can only determine the best option for your legal issue if all of the facts related to your case are discussed.  Disclose the information that is required and don’t hide any facts that may seem harmful to your case.
  6. Do read all the documents and forms requiring signature. Do understand what the forms require and ask for clarification if something is unclear.

After the Consultation

  1. Prior to leaving the consultation, ask about the next step. If you are interested in pursuing representation, how to notify the attorney?
  2. During the consultation, the attorney will also determine the merit and success of your case. How will the attorney contact you about determining representation?
  3. Will additional documents, records, information be required by the attorney?


*AGH Law Group offers 1-Hour Free Consultations