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Limited Scope Representation in Family Court

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The dissolution of marriage is a stressful, lengthy and often expensive process. For many, the cost is overwhelming. For the indigent, the potential service of an attorney is not even a possibility. This forces self – representation to become an option for many because of economic necessity.


There are attorneys who offer limited scope representation in a divorce as an alternative to full representation. When a party chooses to self-represent, that person is known as an in pro per party. An attorney can still provide legal assistance to a self-represented party.


There are advantages to limited scope representation-The main being the opportunity to save money. Other advantages are that the client will have more involvement in the handling of the case. Some even think that they are getting more for their money since the attorney is providing limited, yet very specific type of representation.


If a client is interested in limited scope representation, it’s best to discuss the option with an attorney to determine which services will be provided and which services are best suited for that type of divorce. Do you need someone to explain the law, procedures and review documents? Or do you need representation at a hearing?

Going through the family courts can be an emotional process for some people without the added stress of whether you can afford the services of an attorney. As you are deciding whether to hire an attorney to provide full representation or limited representation, keep in mind that more and more attorneys are now offering unbundled representation. Be sure that the attorney you hire is experienced in divorce and family law.