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Our Story


Ashtari & Ghorban, LLP is a firm that reflects the “American Dream.” We are children of immigrants who left their homeland for a chance to live in a free and democratic society, where their hard work would allow their children opportunities for a better life. Our parents’ unwavering work ethic and emphasis on education have made us the strong women, mothers, and lawyers that we have become. Their sacrifices and experiences have instilled in us a deep sense of gratitude, humility, hard work, compassion and a commitment to making a positive difference in the community in which we live.

To that end, we strive to treat our clients with a more personal and caring approach, while providing uncompromised professional excellence, at affordable prices, to ensure that access to justice is available to all. We understand that people seek our services at some of the most stressful or trying times of their lives and we make every effort to minimize their anxieties and make them feel they are not alone.

At Ashtari & Ghorban, LLP, we also make time for pro bono work and community service. Our philosophy is that a healthy society begins with the willingness of its members to give back to those according to need. Our parents’ immigrant experience, and our own ups and downs as the children of immigrants, serves to remind us that everyone needs a little kindness and a helping hand sometimes.

Establishing our law firm is an achievement that we cherish and our practice captures the passion we have for the ethical and zealous pursuit of our clients’ causes.