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Temporary Restraining Orders

Temporary Restraining Orders


Are you living in fear of someone who is harassing you, stalking you, physically or emotionally abusing you, disturbing your peace, destroying your property, or threatening to do any of these things to you? We can ask the court to put an immediate stop to this behavior and protect you by filing a temporary restraining order. A restraining order prevents the offender from coming near you, your home, your vehicle, your workplace, and from contacting you by any means. In some cases we can seek removal of the offender from your home and protect other family members. Call us at (855) 552-9651 or contact our attorneys online for assistance with the following types of restraining orders.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Physical violence not required. Abuse can be spoken or written, as well as physical. The abuse must be at the hands of a family member, someone regularly in your household, or an existing or ex-partner/spouse.

ELDER OR DEPENDENT ADULT ABUSE (a person 65 years or older or dependent on others for care due to a disability): Physical violence not required. Abuse can be mental, financial or emotional, as well as physical. Abuse may be due to neglect, abandonment, abduction, isolation or deprivation of goods or services resulting in harm or suffering.

CIVL HARASSMENT: Physical violence not required. Abuse is at the hands of someone not considered a family member, and can be based on harassment, stalking or threats of violence, as well as actual acts of violence.

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