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Hiring Mikhak was the best thing we could have done to get through the stress and headache of immigration. She made sure to stay in constant contact with us and up on the always changing forms and laws. She filed all the paperwork for us and asked all the questions we didn’t know to ask or didn’t think of. Her attention to detail was like no other and we are so grateful to her and her team for all they did for us. She was so helpful overcoming the obstacles and always did it with a great smile and in such a gracious manner.Sergio M.

My 19 year old son at SDSU had a tough (minor in possession) charge with an additional citation for having a beer bottle in his hand. The officer was a veteran who was intent on causing problems for my kid. He even wrote”Misdemeanor” all over the ticket. The city atty lowered them to 2 infractions; but my son could have easily lost his California driver’s license by state statute over the MIP.  Bita not only did her homework to find a local “possession” ordinance to replace the mandatory license removal in the state law; but approached the officer with a compromise (we found out he had set SDPD records for alcohol related convictions and had a reputation for never negotiating) in a way that melted down his aggressive resolve.  My son kept his license. There was no misdemeanor; and the award winning officer was happy to score a couple of more convictions. Brilliant job, Bita. That was one tough policeman you dealt with.David R.

If you want the best, Bita Ashtari is the choice for you. Her attention to detail, honesty and knowledge of the law is remarkable. My family and I were Completely satisfied with her services”.Mary D.

I was extremely impressed by Bita’s professionalism. She is honest, respectful, and friendly. She presented herself with great concern in regards to my case. She demonstrated absolute confidence that she would represent me with the highest regard. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an amazing attorney”.Sheila C.

I was charged with a misdemeanor when I contacted Bita Ashtari. I was upset because I felt that I was being prosecuted unfairly. I had a clean record and was worried about jeopardizing my professional certification. Bita convinced me that everything was going to workout, and sure enough my fine was cut in half and the misdemeanor was not put on my record. The legal fees were VERY reasonable and I would have happily paid ten times as much for the results I received”.Mo S.

We hired Bita Ashtari to help with immigrating to the United States. Before we hired Bita, I saw a lot of lawyers and didn’t feel comfortable with them. From first day that I met Bita, I trusted her. I know she would be the best person to help me. I put my life in her hands and I was not disappointed. It is very important to trust your lawyer and I can say without a doubt that Bita is a very trustworthy lawyer. Very happy and would hire her again”.Nosrat H.

I hired Ms. Ashtari in regards to an immigration matter. Bita Ashtari is an excellent attorney and caring individual. She never promised more than she could deliver and was honest and upfront about everything. I was most impressed with the fact that when I had a question or concern, Ms. Ashtari would answer phone calls and emails personally. I never had to jump through hoops or go through five different people just to speak to my lawyer. Very happy and would recommend this firm to anyone”.Angel N.

Very happy with the legal services I received. Ms. Ashtari is very professional and always kept me up to date as to what was happening with my case. She always returned phone calls and emails personally and within a reasonable time. I highly recommend this office”. P.J H.

Hello. I have known Dr. Ashtari for quite some time now and I refer to her as a DR. because she is a Dr. of Law. Bita is full of energy and skill that remains well above and beyond the local legal representatives in San Diego. Bita is dedicated to your case and success with one thing in her mind, YOU! and your issues. Bita has supported myself and my family in many situations that could have ended up in terrible ways but Bita saw us through and she never gave the opposition the chance to deny us or take advantage of us. Bita Ahstari is there for you and your family and that means the most to me, she stands up for you and will not be intimidated or persuaded in any way or form that would have you settle for anything less than victory.Bita stands for good Law. Please think of your family and yourself by giving the best, Thats Bita Ashtari”.Karl.

Very glad I found Ms. Ashtari to represent me in my legal matters. It’s nice to know that there are still people who take pride in what they do. She never left me with unanswered questions and made sure I understood everything that was going on. Her dedication and work ethic are nothing short of amazing”.Ellis W.

Bita Ashtari is a wonderful person and this exemplifies her work as an attorney. She is very dependable and does not stop working until the job is complete. She understands the working class and is sympathetic to the needs of everyday people”.Aaliyah Richardson

I am so pleased with the services I received from Mrs. Ashtari. I felt confident and secure knowing she was representing me in a time where I felt alone and unsure.  She helped reassure me with her knowledge of what my case entailed. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome”.GuittaFaramarzi